The App Store Celebrates 10 Years and 2 Million Apps

Photo: Five iPhones with different screen displays of Apple's App Store

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of one of Apple’s most ubiquitous technological advancements: the App Store.

The App Store—a digital distribution platform found on any iPhone, iPad, or iTouch—allowed users to browse and download applications ranging from gaming to cooking and even health, directly to their mobile devices . . . for the first time!

When the App Store debuted in 2008, there were only 800 apps to choose from—and just ten years later, there are a little over 2.1 million apps to download. Within the first week of its launch, there were over 10 million applications downloaded. And today there are over 500 million visitors a week with new content being added everyday.

Those aren’t the only impressive stats though: Since July 2010, the App Store has garnered over $130 billion in consumer spend and 170 billion downloads with the help of some of its more popular apps like Facebook, Clash of Clans, Netflix, and so on.

Icon of mobile phone with apps


The App Store has not only changed the lives of those who use the applications—but also those who create them. A recent Cult of Mac article noted that iOS developers earn anywhere from $98,000 to $126,000 in major US cities. Overall, iOS developers have earned $86 billion since 2008, with $26.5 billion being paid out just last year.

The world of app development has also opened doors for kids as young as nine to create apps and realize their passion for coding! And the relationship is a symbiotic one, of course: None of the App Store’s success would be possible without the millions of iOS developers who consistently create hundreds of new and interesting apps for consumers to download.

While the App Store has seen great success over the last decade, there has also been a decline in the number of apps available to consumers within the last year. Although this may seem like a sign of declining interest in mobile apps, that’s actually not the case.

Apple has recently set new standards for application quality to improve user interaction and experience. Due to this, curators cleaned up the App Store taking away apps that no longer meet the quality Apple was looking for—clearly, mobile apps are as popular as (and more high-quality than) ever.

Graph of the number of App Store downloads through 2017


The App Store revolutionized the way we interact with our phones on a daily basis. Whereas phones used to be just a tool for quick communication, they can now be a flashlight, a movie screen, or even a fitness instructor, too—and so much more.

Happy 10th anniversary, App Store—and thank you for bringing a whole new world to the palm of our hands.

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Image Sources: Apple, Statista