September 13, 2016


What is BetaCrash?

BetaCrash is a service that provides an easy way to distribute iOS and Android Applications to testers.

How easy is it?

Go on and upload your application file in just one click. You now have a unique link you can send to people to install your application. It is that easy.

What about the installation of a build? 

When you receive a link for a build, the only action required from the user is to click on “Install.” Nothing else.

So no provisioning to install first?

When services ask you to install a provisioning profile first, it is in order to be able to get access to some device information like the device name or its UDID. BetaCrash doesn’t need this information, so no need of provisioning profile installation.

Do I still need to authorize devices on my Apple Developer Account?

It depends.
If you have an Apple enterprise developer account, you won’t need to do that anymore.

If you have a “normal” Apple developer account, you still have to register device UDIDs on your developer account. Most mobile application distribution services require you to register them both in the Apple Developer account AND the service. We don’t need this information on our service.

If a user can’t install a build because I don’t know his UDID, what should I do?

BetaCrash focuses on making it very easy to upload a build and make it available for your testers. We are currently working on a better way to let you know when a device is not authorized to install a build without requiring the install of a provisioning profile on the tester’s device. In the meantime, if an application can’t be installed on a device, you can get the device UDID by going to this website: then you can register it on your Apple Developer account