Our Favorite Updates from Google Cloud Next ’18

Last week, Google hosted their three-day cloud-focused conference, Google Cloud Next ’18, for over 23,000 attendees (including our BetaCrash founder, Manu Bonnet). The event was a plethora of information with numerous speakers and activities and over 100 new announcements highlighting what Google Cloud has in store over the next year.

Out of all the announcements made at the conference this year, these three stood out the most to us:

Artificial Intelligence

AI took the spotlight at Google Cloud Next ’18 this year. With Amazon and Microsoft leading in AI, Google has decided to up their game. AI has become one of Google’s top priorities and certain things such as automated assistance, process efficiency and creating structure have already started being applied somewhat successfully.

Rajen Sheth, the senior director of product development for Google’s cloud AI and machine learning product team discussed the future of AI: “I think that it works best when people aren’t thinking about, ‘I’m interacting with AI’ — where they’re interacting with an application that is empowered by AI and just does magical things for them”.

AutoML Translation and AutoML Natural Language were among some of the new developments introduced at this years conference. Both of these features are found in the Cloud AutoML suite and allow individuals who do not specialize in machine learning or coding to train high-quality models needed for their businesses.


In today’s day and age, security is a big issue: With so much of our personal information saved digitally, no one can ever be too safe from hackers.

Diane Greene, the current CEO of Google’s cloud businesses, said that: “Security is the number one worry” the company has for its customers. As such, many new features are being added to ensure users’ security.

One such feature is geolocating blocking which allows users to stop overseas scammers from logging into accounts, while context-aware access is an access control solution based on identity and location. Another new security feature is binary authorization which lets you enforce a signature validation when situating container images. These three were just a few of many more security features introduced at the event.

G Suite

By utilizing new AI technology, Google’s collection of cloud applications, collectively named “G Suite”, continues to progress and evolve into a more personalized and intelligent experience. Using AI, G Suite learns users’ habits and will personalize actions suited to the user.

Some new additions include Smart Compose for Gmail which allows gmail to autocomplete common phrases and greetings for you, as well as a Smart Reply feature that uses AI to go through messages and recognize those that need responses and suggest responses, too.

All of these new developments make using this platform a lot more user friendly and easy to use.

* * *

This year’s Google Cloud Next conference made it clear that there are many new and exciting features being developed and integrated into systems we already know and love. We can’t wait for next year’s conference!

Image Sources: Google