New Shake Report integration: Shake your device to report a bug!

Today we are excited to announce a powerful new integration into our BetaCrash platform – the Shake Report! After months of hard work we have implemented this solution to allow users to grab screenshots and send the bugs they find directly from the mobile device used for testing. In addition to being a great solution, the Shake Report is completely free once you sign up for a BetaCrash account.

What is the Shake Report?

Shake Report is a solution that allows you to easily report bugs on your mobile device. When you come across an issue all you need to do is shake your device and then you can report the issue with a custom message. The tool allows you to annotate the screenshot with a square, some text or even a drawing.

Discover how to use the Shake Report with BetaCrash thanks to this new tutorial.


Getting started with the Shake Report



You’re testing an app and you find a bug on a specific screen inside the application. You just have to shake your device to access the shake report interface. All the tools available to annotate your screenshot will appear on your screen.



Once you access the interface, choose the tool of your choice to annotate your screenshot.

3 tools are available: the square, the text editor and the pen. You can also choose the color of your choice to personalize it. Once you’re ready, select “next” and you will access the next screen.



The next screen brings you to the report. You can add a title and write a message to give more details about the bug.
Once you’re ready, select “send”. A notification will inform you that your report has successfully been submitted.
Give it a try and don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts about this new feature on Twitter and Facebook.

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