Welcome to Betacrash!

Betacrash, API based service, is the simplest and fastest way of distributing iOS and Android applications to Beta Testers. Betacrash is a service powered by a public API that allows enterprises to easily distribute mobile applications to internal users and Beta testers with ease by integrating the service to your workflow. Betacrash has reached v1.0! It[…]

Slack Integration with Betacrash

https://youtu.be/2I_eHaHztCU (SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH THE TUTORIAL) How easy is to integrate Slack with BetaCrash? #1: The first step is to set up a webhook for Slack through this URL:   https://api.slack.com/incoming-webhooks   This will generate an URL that you will have to enter into the integration options into BetaCrash   #2: Then insert the[…]