The E3 2017 Show


The biggest international gaming conference started this week on June 13 in Los Angeles. Each year, approximately 15,000 people come together to celebrate the gaming industry and to discover new products. This is a great opportunity for us to talk about the gaming industry on our blog.

There are thousands of games being built for mobile each year and we are seeing more and more developers shipping games to their team through a platform like Betacrash.

At Betacrash we are all excited about the E3 2017 conference and the announcements that the 5 giants companies just made.


Let’s talk about EA Play


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One of the first events was with the American giant EA. Several announcements happened: new sports games, a new extension for Battlefield 1, the new Star Wars Battlefront 2, and the new Need for Speed Payback.

Let’s start with the biggest focus of EA: sports games. A new release has been introduced to the public: Madden 18 Longshot. It’s an american football game similar to FIFA. The launch is scheduled for August. Then in September the new FIFA 18 should be available. The game has been improved with more details and better graphics.

EA has also announced a new expansion for the game Battlefield 1, named “In The Name Of The Tsar”, which features the Russian army. New maps, guns and cars will be available. The game should be launched next September.

One of the biggest announcements was the introduction to Star Wars Battlefront 2. You can watch the trailer below.


Gamers were impatient about this new game. It should be available in November on PC, PS4 and XBox One.

They also showcased the new Need For Speed Payback. The game seems to have a similar style to the famous Fast & Furious game. You will enjoy the exciting car chases and the great graphics.

A new game for “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” named: “A Way Out” has been also showcased. You have to play the game with one other participant. It can be played online or offline. This realistic game is about the escape of two prisoners. The launch is scheduled for 2018. In the meantime, a lot of improvements can be made.

Last but not least for EA Play was a new game from BioWare named Anthem. The trailer is available here. This game seems to be every exciting!


A series of new games announced by Ubisoft


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Ubisoft was one of the most important events during E3. They announced a series of new games like Mario + Rabbids, Transference, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Far Cry 5, The Crew 2, Starlink, South Park Destroyer and Skulls and Bones.

Mario + Rabbids = Kingdom Battle

This game is one of the biggest announcements from Ubisoft. Indeed, a lot rumors about the new Mario came out in the past few weeks. We finally know a little bit more about the game in partnership with Nintendo. This is going to be an exclusivity for Nintendo Switch and it will be launched worldwide on August 29th 2017.

Assassin’s Creed was showcased during the Microsoft conference (see next paragraph). The game will allow you to discover Ancient Egypt with a nice open-world setting. It should be out on October 27.

The Crew 2

The game is coming back with a huge open-world design and plenty of new challenges. New exciting features are available: indeed, you will be able to play with your friends and use a car, a boat, a motorcycle or even a plane. The official launch is scheduled for 2018.

Ubisoft dives into the VR world with Transference. The goal is to make you realize that you can feel the joy, sadness or pain of another person. The trailer with actor Elijah Wood gives you an idea of the weird experience it can bring. This game seems to be very peculiar, and we can’t wait to try it.

Ubisoft announced many exciting games. Far Cry 5 and Assassin’s Creed are our favorite ones on the list! The announcement of the new Mario along with other new games were the perfect combo for a good show!


The big announcement from Microsoft


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Everyone was expecting some news about the new game console: the Xbox One X. But it was also an opportunity to showcase several new games: approximately 40 of them.
Everything should be available in the upcoming months on Xbox One X, Xbox One and Windows 10. Some of them will also be available on PS4.

Since Microsoft showcased a long list of new games, here are the ones that we are the most excited about:

Assassin’s Creed Origins
The game developed by Ubisoft is finally out. The team decided this time to spend more hours on development. The goal was to get a very realistic game with more details and a bigger open space. The location of the game is in Ancient Egypt and the brand new environment with amazing graphics makes it even more exciting for all the gamers to explore.

The game developed by Bioware has been announced at the EA Play conference with an exciting trailer. You will discover a beautiful world with a character in armor and you will have to fight to survive against big creatures. You can play this game with friends, discover the underwater life and many other features. For now, we know that the game will be available on Xbox One.

Crackdown 3
The futuristic game Crackdown is also one of the most exciting announcements. There are three features which make this game amazing: the fact that absolutely everything in the world can be destroyed in the multiplayer mode; thanks to the open world, there are nearly no limits; and finally, the 4k quality.

The new Xbox One X.
This console is almost the same as the basic Xbox One, except that, for the first time, it supports 4k gaming. 

Microsoft has made one of the most powerful consoles in a slightly smaller size than the original one. The design is pretty consistent with the two previous versions.


What about Sony?


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In comparison to Windows, Sony didn’t have any big announcements this year regarding its console. Sony showcased several good games and talked about the importance of VR in the upcoming years. They already started with the Sony PlayStation VR but this console doesn’t have a lot of games to play on it so far. While we already know of DOOM and Fallout on VR, Sony confirmed Skyrim VR. This game is an open-world game that is very appreciated by gamers. Everyone is very excited by the VR version. With this new release, we can say that VR is definitely being implemented in the gaming industry and will only get better in the future.

Sony also showcased several games. They started their conference with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. You will be completely immersed in the beautiful environment and culture of India.

They also did a 9 minute gameplay session of Spiderman. We didn’t expect a lot from this game, but it looks like it will actually be pretty nice.

God of War

The new God of War has been showcased with a great trailer. We’ve learned more about the character and his story. Gamers will have to be patient since the game won’t be available until 2018 on PS4.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

An extension of Horizon Zero Dawn named The Frozen Wilds was shown. We don’t have a lot of details yet. Sony just introduced the game with the trailer. Since the end of the original game is pretty open, we are expecting that Alloy (the main character) will go for new adventures.

Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty is one of the games we like best at our office! It’s one of the most famous FPS (First Person Shooter) games, with a community of 100 million of players all around the world. The new edition is called Call of Duty WWII. It has been showcased through a gameplay and a nice trailer, introducing its new environment: the 40’s and World War II.


Last but not least: Nintendo



Nintendo made a few announcements about new games like: Kirby and Yoshi, Arm, Splatoon 2, and Fire Emblem Warriors.

They also showcased the Nintendo Switch and mentioned several times that it’s a multiplayer console you can play anywhere, anytime.

Nintendo confirmed the development of Metroid Prime 4. It was a big announcement for all the players who have been waiting for a new release for approximately 10 years. However, we don’t have any images or a launch date quite yet.

Nintendo also announced the development of Pokemon on Switch. Indeed, it’s been a very long time that the community of gamers have been asking about this release.

The conference ended with a gameplay of the famous Mario Odyssey, one of the biggest expectations of E3. We discovered a new feature: thanks to his hat, Mario can control elements of his environment and other characters. Nintendo developers have been working hard to release a brand new Mario experience, since Mario has been around for more than 30 years. The launch is scheduled for October 27 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.