The New App Store And What It Means For Developers


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As you know, Apple held their famous annual WWDC conference in June. Among many announcements they unveiled the new App Store interface.

The first introduction of the App Store was back in 2008; yes! 9 years ago… Since then, we haven’t seen many changes. Just imagine how many apps have been uploaded during this long period… certainly a large amount! The App Store currently contains over 2 million apps with over 140 billion total app downloads (source: That means that developers obtained over 70 billion dollars in revenue in 2017 (source:

With an App Store overcrowded with applications, it is hard for developers to stand out from the crowd. This can make it difficult for new apps to get noticed and gain users. This may also lead to developers losing motivation to continue to develop mobile applications. 

During their conference, Apple imagined a world where developers would stop building apps. What would our world actually be like without all our applications?

They showcased a video to expose that idea.


As you’ve seen, Apple’s answer is: a world without apps would be apocalyptic. It’s a good way to express to the developer community that they need to constantly be building new mobile apps.

To help resolve the problem of an overcrowded platform, Apple introduced the new App Store interface.

Here are the new App Store features

Thanks to a new feature called Today, a new app will be showcased every day on the home page. The goal is to push visitors to discover new applications and download them.

You will also have an “App/Game of the day” section, selected directly by Apple.

Game of the day

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The company will also publish some tips to help you get the most out of your apps. For instance, if you’re a photographer and you’re using the app VSCO, they will give you tips on using the app efficiently. Apple hasn’t released specifics on what app help they will offer.

tips app store

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You will have a specific tab for the Games section. It makes sense, knowing that games are very popular and represent the majority of apps downloaded.

The “Apps” tab will showcase the newest and most popular apps with a simple and clear design. To best show off of these applications, the new App Store will be full of new visuals and videos, with a dedicated section for ratings and recommendations.

The New App Store: available in the fall

The new App Store launch is expected with the release of iOS 11, in the fall.

As we mentioned in our previous post about WWDC on, a beta version of iOS 11 is already available for Apple developers.

The new App Store is very exciting news for developers because some of them will have the chance to see big boosts in downloads. Among all the new features, one that will particularly impact the success of some new applications is of course the “Today” tab. It will highlight one new app every day, which can bring a spike in downloads.

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