Welcome to Betacrash!

Betacrash, API based service, is the simplest and fastest way of distributing iOS and Android applications to Beta Testers.

Betacrash is a service powered by a public API that allows enterprises to easily distribute mobile applications to internal users and Beta testers with ease by integrating the service to your workflow.

Betacrash has reached v1.0! It is out of beta and ready for everyone to use. It’s build distribution and application management coupled with a powerful API will enable an entirely automated distribution chain for your beta testers and internal users. Join today and get a 30 day Prototyper account for free.

Mobile development became big a few years ago. Since then, we saw a lot of developer tools rising that are making our life easier. But over the years we also saw those tools becoming more and more complicated and time consuming.

Betacrash focuses on mobile application distribution: distributing a mobile application should never take any of your time, with this in mind we created the easiest and fastest way of sharing an application.

“Betacrash Build helps us at WalmartLabs get betas in the hands of our QA, management team, and really anyone else in the company who wants to see it.  No other product on the market does it with such ease.  I can’t recommend it enough.” Brandon Sneed, Senior iOS Architect at WalmartLabs

You’re probably wondering how easy is it then?

Betacrash Tutorial


Xcode Integration

You can integrate Betacrash with your tools in many ways by using our public API.

Betacrash intent is to make developer’s life easier and improve continuous delivery of mobile applications to beta testers. The service is only at its v1.0 and will be improving while staying simple. To stay up to date, follow Riviera Build on Facebook and Twitter!