What you need to know about the Google I/O 2017 Conference



The Google I/O 2017 Conference started last Wednesday at the Mountain View Google headquarters. It was an opportunity to hear about the new Google products and the upcoming projects that they are working on.

Here is a breakdown of things that interested us during this conference:


A new operating system for this summer: Android O

The next Android update was showcased. In 2016, Google launched Nougat as the new operating system. Their plan is to launch a newer version this summer, Android O. This new OS will be faster and will allow you to use two apps at the same time with a picture in picture system. If you want to stay up to date on Android stats, we recommend you visit the PLUS QA blog and their monthly statistics posts.


VR and AR

VR and AR were one of the main topics of I/O 2017. The launch of Daydream one year ago was an introduction. Google is now working on a new VR headset which will be available pretty soon. This VR headset doesn’t require any smartphone or computer to be used.

HTC and Lenovo will be partnering with Google for this new project.

Google also announced that the Galaxy S8 will work with the Daydream headset very soon.


360-degree video in YouTube.

A new function will be integrated into YouTube: watching 360-degree videos on your TV. The goal is to be more immersed into your show. Imagine watching a concert or a basketball game in 360 degrees…you will feel like you are literally part of the show.

Visit YouTube’s official VR channel if you want to watch some amazing 360-videos.


A smarter Google Photo

Google Photo was also one of the topics at I/O 2017. Now it’s able to recognize the people in your pictures and suggest you a contact from your contact list, so you can share your photos easily with everyone. Your albums will also be smarter; it will be automatically organized and will delete all the blurry pictures for you, so only your best shots are saved!

Google photos


A better Google Home

Your favorite daily partner will now be able to automatically notify you of the most important things that you need to know, without any request. You will also be able to call your friends thanks to Google Home.



Google Assistant, also available on iPhones. 

Great news for iPhone users. Usually used on Android devices, Google Assistant will now be available on iPhones. This appears to be a real competitor for Siri on iOS devices. Is Google Assistant better than Siri? That’s one question raised by many tech news websites such as Engadget.

Google Assistant

Google Lens.

Artificial Intelligence will occupy more and more space in the tech industry in the coming years. Google AI is already quite impressive and this year Google announced Google Lens: a new app which is able to recognize things (like objects, shops or flowers…) through the Google Lens. For instance, you will be able to scan the front of a shop to get all the information about it.  Google Lens not only understands and identify objects through its lens, it also understands the context and your location.
Meanwhile Google launched google.ai for the developers community, a new web platform which allows you to integrate Google AI into your own applications.



Google made a few more exciting announcements during this conference in addition to the ones we listed above, such as: Google for Jobs, Android Go, and Find my Device. No new hardware was announced this year.

We are now looking forward to seeing how Apple will do in June with WWDC. The event starts on June 5 and ends on June 9.  Things to possibly expect at the WWDC next week: iOS 11, new versions of watchOS and tvOS, and Mac OS 10.13. Visit Macrumors.com for more info about it.